Friday 27 April 2018

Ebuka's relationship with BBN star Ceec

               Famous Nigerian host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu: "CeeC Really likes Me"

Famous host for the 2018 Nigerian reality show "Big Brother Naija" Ebuka Uchendu has opened up on the revealed association with ex-housemate, Cee-c.

While the show was going on, reports developed that Cee-c was dating Ebuka before entering the show.

Cee-c had likewise, in one of her talks with kindred housemates, expressed that she met the show host before coming to the show.

In any case, in a meeting with Beat FM on Friday, Ebuka denied meeting the ex-housemate previously.

He said Cee-c said such a large number of things that she couldn't safeguard.
He contitued, "She said something in the house that got mistranslated. She said she headed to my home and we had a discussion that influenced me to place her in the show.

"Clearly she came to advertised brief comment, in some occasion, I mean, I go to such huge numbers of occasion in Lagos. Shouldn't recall everyone.

"Evidently, this occurred at Terraculture, nothing about this rung a bell until the point when I heard what she said amid the show.

"To the best of my insight, the first occasion when I met Cee-c was the point at which I addressed her on stage during the show.

"I didn't expose it because in light of the fact that I needed it to kick the bucket normally. It was an exceptionally idiotic gossip and I would not like to give life.

"I think she really likes me. In any case, I don't realize what else she has on her head. I've never addressed her aside from in the show when I was doing my job.But come to think of it wont this two look good together?

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